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Mental Serenity Blog. Our goal at Richer Life Counseling las vegas Marriage and Family Therapy is to help you find mental serenity. The journey to find mental serenity includes building a fulfilled, meaningful, and richer life that balances core portions of our existence. A balanced life includes taking care of our mental, physical, social, spiritual, and professional needs. Each day we have a theme for our blog posts that focus on one of these important aspects of our life.

Our blogs cover all of our different blog types, including anxiety blog, couples counseling blog, LGBT blog, and our sexual addiction blog. We also post a number of blogs on local and national resources, our podcast on Marriage and Family Therapy, and some youtube videos.

If now is the time you think therapy can help We specialize in Anxiety Counseling, Couples Counseling, LGBT Counseling and Sexual Addiction Counseling. If your problem falls outside of those specialites we can help you find the right therapist for you.